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The first in the series of groundbreaking speculative fiction anthologies published by Sixth Element Publishing.

The story behind Harvey is fairly straight forward… At the end of 2018 (which now feels like eons ago), Sixth Element’s C.G. Hatton, having launched a new novel at Sci-Fi Scarborough for five years in a row found herself only part way through her toughest book yet. Not wanting to rush a book that meant so much to the Thieves’ Guild series, and deciding there was no way she could step foot in Scarborough in April 2019 for everyone’s favourite annual seaside town comic con without a new book, a solution presented itself in the idea of a volume of short stories that would include a new Thieves’ Guild story. That she could do.

She ran the mad idea past a host of awesome scifi, fantasy, steampunk and horror writers that Sixth Element had had the pleasure of working with over the years, and before she knew it, there was a new book, with an awesome cover designed by Sixth Element’s Graeme Wilkinson, to be placed on the table at Sci-Fi Scarborough 2019. A whole crowd of the original Harveys descended on Scarborough for the launch. And the Harvey phenomenon began…

Paperback, 252 pages, RRP £9.99
ISBN 978-1-912218-54-7
First published by Sixth Element, April 2019
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Volume 1 includes stories by: Kate Baucherel, D.W. Blair, A.L. Buxton, Joseph Carrabis, R. Bruce Connelly, Nate Connor, Marios Eracleous, Craig Hallam, C.G. Hatton, Mark Hayes, Peter James Martin, Reino Tarihmen, J.L. Walton, Graeme Wilkinson and Amy Wilson (pictured). Edited by C.G. Hatton.

“A good variety of stories, some I enjoyed so much that I find myself wanting much more.“

“I‘m a lover of short stories. This collection of fantasy/scifi didn’t disappoint.“