Christmas lockdown fun with HDP6

by | Dec 9, 2020 | News

Volume 6 followed Pirates and it seemed like eons since we launched an ‘ordinary’ volume of Harvey.

Still caught up in the lockdown of 2020, but this time heading towards Christmas, it was lovely to catch up with some Harveys from earlier volumes such as J.S. Collyer and A.D. Watts, and also welcome in some new Harveys. This is most definitely not a Christmas issue but is packed full of scifi, fantasy and a lovely sprinkling of horror.

Paperback, 220 pages, RRP £9.99
ISBN 978-1-914170-02-7
Published by Sixth Element Publishing, December 2020

Volume 6 includes stories by: Andy Hill, J.A. Wood, Mark Hayes, R. Bruce Connelly, A.D. Watts, Liz Tuckwell, Ben McQueeney, Melissa Wuidart Phillips, J.S. Collyer, Peter James Martin, C. K. Roebuck, Joseph Carrabis, Alexandrina Brant, Tony Harrison and D.T. Langdale, with a foreword from steampunk author Jon Hartless. Edited by C.G. Hatton.

“Possibly the most fun volume to put together yet.“