Alexandrina Brant


Raised on a diet of Tolkien, Doctor Who, and Agatha Christie, Alexandrina Brant grew up around the city of Oxford, and, as such, has a particular love for Oxford-based stories. After graduating from the University of Reading with joint honours in Psychology & Philosophy, she hightailed it to London to study a Master's in Linguistics at UCL, where her focus was sociolinguistics and dialect blending. Occasionally, she can still be heard quoting Ovid in English or Latin. She currently lives in Yorkshire with her husband and two warring cats, and her short stories have been published in several local anthologies.



"Pitstop" in Harvey Duckman Presents...Volume 6

"Revelation" in Fauxpocalypse

"She, Stark" in UCL Publishers Prize 2017, Light & Dark

"Indissection" in Reading University Old Belongings anthology

"A Rosary, A Fume Cabinet, and A Music Book" in Scream For Charity

"Into the Lake" in Reading University Scribblers anthology