Graeme Wilkinson


Graeme Wilkinson was born in County Durham in 1973 and left it as soon as he could. He managed to get all the way to Teesside. Which is not very far at all.

Graeme is author of the metaphysical, theological, anti-religious caper "Screw, God & The Universe", the intergalactic, time-travel, drinking adventure "Time, Space And A Slice Of Cake", and the post apocalyptic, dystopian, Dickensian, bizarro fest that is "The Boy At The End Of The World".

He has, as yet, won no awards and made no bestseller lists. He lives with his wife, Catherine, and a houseful of idiot cats.



Screw, God And The Universe

Time, Space And A Slice Of Cake

The Boy At The End Of The World