Joseph Carrabis


My jobs have followed my interests. I've attended various universities to study those interests. Throughout all of my life the one constant has been my passion for and love of writing. I've always either gathered story ideas in my travels or written about where my travels have taken me.

And Harvey publishes them.

I am blessed.

I married to Susan, the love of my life (been together over 40+ years), and we take long walks with our rescue dog, Boo.

(my wife wrote this. can you tell?)



The Augmented Man
Empty Sky
Tales Told 'Round Celestial Campfires

Short Stories:
"The Boy in the Giant" - Harvey Duckman Presents Volume 6 Dec 2020 

"The Magic Tassels" - Write Festival’s Fantastic Stories Anthology Oct 2020
"Cold War" - Daikaijuzine Sept 2020 
"Don Quitamo Sails" - Harvey Duckman Presents Special Pirates Issue Sept 2020 
"The Settlement" - Chronosphere Fiction Podcast June 2020 
"The Lonely Oak" - Harvey Duckman Presents Volume 5 June 2020 
"The Boy Who Loved Horses" - Allegory May 2020 
"The Little Flower" - Harvey Duckman Presents Volume 1 April 2020
"Morningsong" - Harvey Duckman Presents Volume 3 Oct 2019 
"The Goatmen of Aguirra" - The Piker Press Oct 2019 
"Those Wings Which Tire, They Have Upheld Me" - The New Accelerator June 2019 
"Cymodoce" - parAbnormal June 2019 
"Rachel, Above the Clouds" - Across the Margin April 2018