Kate Baucherel


A sci fi fan since first seeing the Daleks from behind the sofa, Kate Baucherel works on the application of new and emerging technologies to solve business problems. Sometimes her imagination gets the better of her, and the fictional worlds in her writing are rooted in the possibilities already at our fingertips. Her work includes the SimCavalier futurist cybercrime series, several short stories, and non-fiction books for business leaders.



The SimCavalier Trilogy:

Bitcoin Hurricane (2017)

Hacked Future (2018)

Tangled Fortunes (2020)


Short stories:

Gridlock (2019)

White Christmas (2019)

Finch (2020)

Parrot Radio (2020)


Poles Apart: Challenges for business in the Digital Age (MX Publishing, 2014)


Blockchain Hurricane: Origins, Applications and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (Business Expert Press, 2020)