Liz Tuckwell


Liz Tuckwell lives in London and shares her house with a husband and too many books. She enjoys reading and writing all types of science fiction and fantasy and horror. She’s a member of the Clockhouse London Writers group and the British Fantasy Society.





'Tully and the Ghost', Harvey Duckman Presents 3 anthology

'The Perfect Ham Sandwich', Harvey Duckman Presents 5 anthology

'Tully and the Pirates', Harvey Duckman Presents: Special Edition Pirates anthology

'Tully and the Geese', Harvey Duckman Presents 6 anthology

'A Dead Mermaid on Eel Pie Island', MCSI: Magical Crime Scene Investigation anthology

A Monster Met (Short Sharp Shocks Book 7)

Quirky Christmas Stories short story collection

Fantastic Flash Fiction short story collection

Scared of Girls (Short Sharp Shocks Book 57)

The Boom Show

'Cinderfeller', Stories for the Thoughtful Young anthology

'Mirror in Her Hand', Fairy Tales Punk'd anthology

'Some People Smell Roses', Harvey Duckman Presents Volume 8

'Tully and the Assassin', Harvey Duckman Presents Volume 9

Moonsleep and Other Stories, short story collection


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