Muriel Blythman


Muriel Blythman was born and raised in the North East of England and now resides in the North Yorkshire area of Richmond. She is married with two grown up children. She has lived a varied life, initially studying and working within the Newcastle and Northumberland Area Health Authorities. She helped to promote Health and Safety in the Workplace becoming a Training Officer with the North Yorkshire Red Cross Society and the Home Office.

One of her main studies was Crisis Psychology when such events occurred in the UK’s major disasters, at the time and after, within the corporate and voluntary sectors. Following a Degree, she was later awarded a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Heath for her role as a Crisis Counsellor. Although retired now, she went on to develop her own company.

Following a surprise win recently when she chanced to submit a story to a local writing competition, she is hoping to become a writer, stating, ‘I’m on the hunt for who I’ve not yet become!’