Will Nett


Middlesbrough author Will Nett’s global appeal and general popularity have seen his writing career straddle two Millennia. His work has appeared across a wide range of publications, from his ever-popular books, to short-form contributions for institutions such as Crossing The Tees, and Arts Council England.

He is an incurable backpacker, amateur musician, and habitual note-maker/taker, most of which have found their way into his Gonzo-steeped books, My Only Boro: A Walk Through Red & White, his riotous travelogue, Billy No Maps: Teessider On Tour, Local Author Writes Book, and The Golfer’s Lament.

He is currently working on an anthology of his own collection of strange tales in the vein of the work included here, for his first anthology, 'Bank Notes' that will be available in Summer 2021.

Find Will on Twitter @will_nett