When is the next volume due out?2020-09-12T18:10:38+01:00

We aim to release a new Harvey every two to three months.

Are you open to submissions of new stories?2020-09-12T18:11:27+01:00

Yes, check out the guidelines here.

How long should I expect to wait once I submit a story to Harvey?2020-09-12T18:11:37+01:00

That depends on your timing! We work from one volume to the next, and have a lot of other books to work on in between.

If you happen to send in a story that catches our attention on the exact day we’re compiling the list of stories for the next volume, we could be back in touch within minutes or hours. If you send in a story while we’re busy with other stuff, then it may be a while (weeks, or even a couple of months).

We’re always happy to be nudged, but please do understand that we have a lot going on.

What happens if you want to change my story and I don’t agree?2020-09-12T18:07:27+01:00

If we can’t come to an agreement that suits everyone, then our offer of publishing may be withdrawn and your story will not be published. It’s nothing personal but we do retain editorial control.

Can I publish my story elsewhere after it’s appeared in a Harvey?2020-09-12T18:11:46+01:00

Yes, you retain all the rights to your work.

Our Harvey writers have published their stories in their own anthologies and on their own websites, after they have been in Harvey Duckman Presents…

We want you to enjoy being a Harvey and find as many new readers for your work as possible.

If my story is published in Harvey, how much promotion am I expected to do?2020-09-12T18:11:53+01:00

As much or as little as you are happy to do. We have an active community on social media (Twitter and Facebook) who all support Harvey and each other’s work, and turn up at various comic cons around the UK or on Zoom as circumstances permit.

We don’t pay expenses for appearances because you are promoting your own work, and hopefully benefitting from being part of the Harvey community, but where possible, if we have a presence at an event, we can usually arrange guest passes for our Harvey authors.

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